Web Designer - For Your Yacht
what we do
We build websites for yacht owners. We charge a flat fee of £1,000 to set up the site and £250 per month to maintain, irrespective of the number of pages. VAT is not charged. For this we will:

• Design your website - using your photographs and the yacht specification, we design a website that reflects the personality of your yacht; during the design process we evaluate which aspects of your yacht should be more visible to your buyers (designer and/or manufacturer attributes, important photos, specification details, layout features, etc) and ensure they are easier to find by a browser.

• Build your website - we use the latest web technology to custom design your website, to provide all the information that a potential buyer needs - as a minimum the site will include a homepage and/or landing page, several content level pages ("about the boat", layout, specification, photo gallery) and contact page.

• Register the domain name - using the top-level domain name "com" (e.g. www.youryachtforsale.com).

• Provide a web host to launch the website - we use virtual web hosting to typically provide a faster and more reliable connection.

• Provide a unique email address - as a means of contact (eg. info@youryachtforsale.com).

• Maintain your website - on a week by week basis we make updates and carry out search engine optimisation to ensure that your website remains active (so far all of our websites have reached page one of a relevant Google search).

• Update content on your website - with additional or replacement photographs, video footage, changes in specification, location, etc, as often as you wish.

• Provide Web Analytics - statistics to show the activity on your site (see below)

the benefits
Some of the benefits of a dedicated website for your yacht are as follows:

Worldwide exposure - your domain will be the universal ".com" to achieve the widest audience.

Highly ranked in search engines - we have a high record of achieving a page one ranking for a relevant Google search; a high ranking will ensure that your site is found and viewed thousands of times.

Saving in brokers fees - for those who choose not to use a broker there are substantial savings, between 4% and 9% in most cases. By selling privately via your own website, this can be a significant saving.

Showcase your yacht in a way that no broker will do - the majority (if not all) brokers will, at best, provide a specification sheet (often provided by you) with a handful of photographs of your yacht as their entire means of attracting a buyer. Quite often they do not advertise but simply list your yacht online amongst hundreds of others. By having a dedicated website, you are able to achieve a far greater selling platform with the potential to showcase hundreds of photos, video footage, detailed specification (with reasons for particular items specified), illustrative and definitive descriptions, details of the yacht's provenance, the maintenance performed, refits carried out etc etc.

• The amount and quantity of information you are able to provide on your site is limitless.

web analytics
We integrate a web statistics program into your site so that you to can easily track your site's performance. Tracking activity is important in understanding who is viewing your site and which pages.

With web analytics it is possible to answer the following:

• Which sites are my visitors coming from?
• What is the most popular keyword being used to find my site in the search engines?
• Is the number of visitors to my site going up?
• What is the most/least popular path through my site?
• How long do visitors spend on my site?
• Where do most people leave my site?
• What is the most/least popular page on my site?

We also use this data to decide what the best time is to update new content to your site.